Statics of Structures

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Ján Ravinger, Milan Sokol.

The statics is very old scientific branch. Even so at present time we are the witnesses of many changes related to form of its teaching. Formerly the graphical methods were very popular. At present time, due to the computer technique, the numerical methods are dominantly used. These changes are the base for the preparation of the new textbooks.

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1. Forces
■ Definition of the force
■ Ground reaction force
■ Forces acting in the same line of action. Resultant. Reaction.
■ Concurrent coplanar force system
■ Nonconcurrent coplanar force system
■ Static moment of the force
■ Couple
■ Parallel forces

2. Cross section properties
■ Centre of the gravity of the prismatic bar
■ Centre of the gravity for special shape area
■ Moments of inertia of area
■ Parallel axis theorem - Steiner´s rule
■ Principal central axes of inertia
■ Radius of inertia - ellipse of inertia

3. Beams
■ Supports of the beam
■ Reactions
■ Simply supported beam
■ Two simplest and the most important examples
■ Cantilever
■ The simply supported beam with overhanging ends
■ Differential relationship among the load, the shear force and the bending moment
■ The beam loaded by a moment
■ The continuous beam with the hinge
■ The inclined support
■ The inclined beam

4. Trusses
■ Definition of the truss
■ Evaluation of the internal forces - the nodal method
■ The cross-cut method for the evaluation of the internal forces in the truss

5. Frames
■ Definition of the frame
■ Three-hinged frame

6. Curved beams and arches
■ Internal forces
■ Three-hinged arch loaded by a uniformly distributed vertical load
■ Three-hinged arch with tie

7. Orthogonally loaded frames
■ Simple orthogonally loaded frame
■ The systems of orthogonally loaded frames

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